About This Site - 63140.COM - Connecting St Louis™

63140.COM is a member site of the Connecting St Louis™ network. Connecting St. Louis™ was developed by Information St. Louis, Inc to enable St Louis area consumers, organizations, and businesses to connect online.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."     Vincent Van Gogh

What is Connecting St. Louis™?

Connecting St Louis™ is a network of websites that parallels the network of communities that make up the St. Louis region. The St. Louis metropolitan region is a network of communities, some larger, some smaller, that combined together form what is "St. Louis". Each of these communities have their own unique identity. The Connecting St. Louis™ network of websites provides localized information and news for these individual communities.

Why Connecting St. Louis™ Works?

Each "member" website focuses on a particular geographic or demographic segment of St. Louis. Each site is easy to navigate and associated with a powerful easy-to-remember domain name. Geographically focused sites allow online visitors to obtain information on local schools, parks, governments, shopping, dining, and more in a given area. Topically focused sites allow visitors to get local perspective on a number of subjects such as credit unions, chiropractors, real estate, home repair and more. All member websites support local communities and benefit consumers, organizations, businesses and professionals.

How St. Louis Consumers Benefit...

Consumers benefit by being able to easily get localized for their community as well as news and information for the St Louis region. Community based member sites keep consumers informed about local schools, municipalities, businesses and more. As a consumer you can find out about the businesses in your area providing the products and services you need. You can find out about the savings and discounts offered by local businesses. Consumers benefit from using our network by being to identify and patronize local business that provide products and services to this region. As people start to "green" their lives one of those processes is to focus on local providers of goods and services. Our sites help consumers identify those local businesses. Also, we encourage our local business partners to offer coupons and other incentives for our online visitors. Additionally, some sites focus on bargains, garage sales, estates, and more. If you are a St Louis consumer who wants to be notified of sales, bargains, discounts, and giveaways, join our e-newsletter. It's free and easy to start and stop. Learn More

How St. Louis Organizations Benefit...

If you are an organization (public or private) that wants to get news and announcements out to St Louis, either locally or across the metropolitan area, Connecting St. Louis™ can help. Our FREE services allows your organization to report news and make announcements to your community. City governments, schools, clubs, churches, are just a few examples of organizations who can benefit. We are looking for what we call Connectors in each organization. A Connector™ is someone who keeps the St. Louis region informed on their organizations activities via Connecting St. Louis™. Learn More

How St. Louis Businesses and Professionals Benefit...

Businesses benefit by being able to target their offerings to consumers most likely to want their products and services. If you are a local St Louis business looking for an affordable and effective way to market, advertise, and promote your products and services to St. Louis consumers, you have found your solution, Connecting St. Louis™. Learn More

What St Louis Opportunities Exist...

At Information St. Louis, Inc we are looking for motivated individuals who want to associate themselves with an innovative and growing company. We have opportunities to become an Connecting St. Louis™ affiliate member where you can earn extra money. We have opportunities across the St. Louis metropolitan area. Learn More